Here is the list of plantations currently used by Udianas for the remembrance trees. This list may vary depending on the needs in trees for each plantation.

Each plantation is carefully selected for its benefits to reforestation (carbon sinks, water resources and restoration of biodiversity) and strengthening the local economy by creating jobs and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

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La Pedregosa, Colombia
Objective:    2 000 trees

Alamanga, Madagascar
Objective:    200 000 trees

Oso Pardo, España
Objective:    6 000 000 trees

Bore, Kenya
Objective:    500 000 trees

Limay, Nicaragua
Objective:    4 000 000 trees

Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France
Objective:    50 000 trees

Dosso, Niger
Objective:    400 000 trees

Dassa, Burkina Faso
Objective:    100 000 trees

Usambara, Tanzania
Objective:    10 000 000 trees

Agroforestry Bourgogne, France
Objective:    40 000 trees

Communitree, Nicaragua
Objective:    200 000 trees

Conserve Natural Forest, Thaïland
Objective:    15 000 trees

Eden Project, Madagascar
Objective:    500 000 trees

Eden Project, Nepal
Objective:    3 000 000 trees

Sierra Lujar, España
Objective: 0

Alvelal, España
Objective: 0

Reforestation and Conservation, Portugal
Objective:    100 000 trees

Eden Projects, Madagascar
Objective: 0

Forest Garden Program, Senegal
Objective: 0

Plant to Stop Poverty, Tanzania
Objective: 0

ARBA Sistema Litoral, España
Objective: 0

Restauration Forêts dégradées, France
Objective: 0

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