Remember us and plant together!

A udiana is a remembrance place very easy to access and easy to share.
it replaces or complements a burial missing or difficult to access.
it's firstly a place of remembrance, a place where we like to gather and celebrate the moments particuiliers such as birthdays and other celebrations. But it is also a unique way to make an effective contribution towards the planet.

Plant together!

Everyone can add some remembrance trees in the Papy's udiana. His udiana little by little becomes a memory garden, then a Memorial forest to celebrate Granddad and do a good deed for the planet.

The trees are actually planted in plantation projects fighting for the reforestation, climate change and local economies. Choose your trees according to their places of plantation or their specific abilities.

Is it paid? Yes, each tree costs €4 or more depending on its species and plantation selected.
the tree will be really planted, a web page in the udiana will allow you to follow its evolution, including its absorption of CO2.

Why plant for the planet?

My Grandpa left us two years ago. Thanks to its udiana, it is again a bit with us

Udiana of Grandpa, it's also 15 trees planted for the planet!

Create a udiana

Create a udiana, it is at the same time to share the memories of a missing person and do a good deed for the planet.

Everyone can easily create a udiana by clicking on the button below and by following a very simple procedure.

For which to create a udiana?

For all those who have left us, Member of the family, friends, knowed people, celebrities, etc.

Is it paid?

Yes, the creation of a udiana requires the addition of at least a first tree and the trees cost €4 or more depending on their species and selected plantation.

Create a udiana

Create a udiana for Mamy, it's like to find here again, share all those trees and these messages with her, family and friends.

It is so much easier to meet and share on the Internet

The Mamy's udiana, it is also 9 trees planted for the planet!

See the udianas

Click on the udianas below or perform a search to find your knowed people, your friends or your family members, and plant for them.

And if you do not find the udianas of those who are dear to you, create them. You can create a udiana for your loved ones or anyone you want.

Thank you for your visit and your participation!

Udianas, it is a new way to better remember those who have left us.

The udianas of the family perpetuate the memory of those who have left us

Little Julie learned to know his aunt Viviane due to the udiana of her.

The Viviane's udiana, it's also 21 trees planted for the planet!

And now?

Now we must act: remember, share and plant!

Create a udiana and share it. Or visit the existing udianas and add trees and marks of sympathy.