Pinus roxburghii

plantation: Eden Project, Nepal


Common names: Chir pine
Type of foliage: Evergreen
Life expectancy: 100 years
Total weight of CO2 captured: 700 Kg
Height: 50 m


Pinus roxburghii, the chir pine native to Nepal, features a tall, straight trunk, and clusters of three needles. Adaptable to diverse soils, it thrives in the Himalayas. Symbolizing resilience, it aligns with your empathetic tree-planting initiative, offering solace to grieving families and fostering a lasting connection through enduring trees.
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Usefulness of the tree

The Pinus roxburghii, or chir pine, holds various utilities. Its timber is valuable for construction and furniture. The resin extracted is used in products like varnishes and turpentine. Additionally, the species aids in soil conservation and offers habitat for wildlife, contributing to the ecological balance in the Himalayan region.
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